The first session will involve a 50 minute session with the parent or parents of the child/adolescent.  This will help me to understand the child or adolescents current difficulties and background. The cost for this is £70.00

Initially it is helpful to begin with six sessions. This will allow me to establish trust and get to know your child/adolescent.

After session six, we could schedule in a telephone conversation and I will give you an overview of how your child/adolescent has used the sessions, as well as outline any relevant issues or concerns. This would also be a suitable time for you to share your thoughts about the sessions to date.

Therapy is most effective when a trusting relationship exists between the therapist and the child/adolescent. Privacy is especially important in securing and maintaining that trust. One goal of treatment is to promote a stronger and better relationship between children/adolescents and their parents. However, it is often necessary for children/adolescents to develop a “zone of privacy” whereby they feel free to discuss personal matters with greater freedom. This is particularly true for adolescents who are naturally developing a greater sense of independence and autonomy.

During – You are welcome to sit in your car or leave and return within 50 minutes while your child/adolescent is having a therapy session.

After – It is beneficial to allow your child/adolescent to tell you about the session without feeling pressurised to do so.

As part of my professional accreditation and ethical good practice I have a duty to pass on any concerns regarding Child Protection and Safeguarding.

Fees: £70 per session (paid after each session).

I require 24 hours cancellation notice period or charges will still apply.

Emma Cohn

MA Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy, PG dip Drama and Movement Therapist
Registered with Health Professions Council